‘2015’ is about some really great summers I’ve had over the last few years. It outlines the sort of post-school exams but pre-adult world era, where you are relatively carefree and can just have fun with the people you love. I consider 2015 to be the first year I experienced that, and so used that year as a blanket term for all the subsequent summers.” – Houssein. ‘2015’ contains a nostalgic storyline, appealing vocals, and beat-driven instrumentation flavored with acoustic guitar and electro-pop elements. We recommend adding Houssein’s “2015” single to your personal playlist.


The Londoner has set a goal for himself, which amounts in taking, bigger steps, in honing his style. In regards to Houssein’s, evolving music style, the current track “2015” is where I am seeing things falling into shape. A coming together and defining of ideas which have been present, through previous tracks. These being, singer-songwriter vibes, which are seen through a stringed guitar-driven section. A good showing of lyrical content topped off by flourishes of electronic-pop in evidence. These are indicative moves by this emerging artist, continuing to ensure he is making the right kind of steps in the right direction.


Singer-songwriter Houssein is back with his new single, ‘Sixteen’. Produced by UK producer Hoost (Dan Caplen, The Manor), and mixed by Grammy-nominated Alex C Evans (Lily Allen, James Arthur, Wretch 32), ‘Sixteen’ is a dreamy synth-pop offering from the rising star. Armed with relatable lyrics, captivating vocals and a soaring chorus, ‘Sixteen’ showcases Houssein’s growth and maturity as an artist, highlighting exactly why he’s one to watch in the industry. Speaking about his new single, Houssein said: “‘Sixteen’ focuses on the common occurrence of ignorance and immaturity in teen relationships. It’s all a learning process that I reflect on with the benefit of hindsight.


With his honey sweet vocals and infectious, laid-back arrangements, singer-songwriter Houssein is quickly climbing the pop ladder. It began at six years of age for the precocious talent, who found an inherent passion for performance come to life after his father bought him his first drum kit. Come age nine, Houssein was already taking on professional gigs with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's UK Tour, all leading up to the moment where he would become a big-time sensation on the popular app. Other than exemplifying viral pop artists as the scene's current crème de la crème, Houssein is also using his platform to engage in philanthropy, becoming a notable advocate against animal cruelty.


Viral internet musicians are more common lately and 19-year-old Houssein is no stranger to the immediate popularity when it comes to becoming the latest social media sensation. Much like Shawn Mendes, Houssein performed cover songs online through Vine and which ultimately helped him gain a steady and loyal following. Originally from the U.K., the pop singer has curated a sound that contains the perfect mixture of electronic and synth-pop. Unlike his previous singles ‘5 Bucks,’ ‘Summer Night,’ and ‘Tokyo,’ his newest release ‘Walking Away’ is calmer—a soothing transition into a softer side to the teenager’s creativity.


In an age when finding true talent might be a task only for the brave - considering that the flood of information on social media seems to be overshadowing talent per se - we get a refreshing perspective on the matter as we get talking with nineteen-year-old, Surrey-based singer-songwriter - and social media heartthrob - Houssein. Born in London, the young creative brings to the table a fresh new breed of pop that has the potential of becoming the next big thing. Houssein is young, outspoken, intelligent and very talented, with a unique outlook to the way music correlates with social media today and an openness to observe and adapt to the mass movement his generation represents.


Houssein is the social media maverick that has achieved more in his teens than we can fathom – how dare he! During his recent promotional tour, the star swung by to Regent Street for a poptastic chat about cheese sarnies and Stormzy!


"'Tokyo' is a placeholder for this feeling or memory, and can be replaced with any place, or any time." Having started his career at only nine years-old with a role in the U.K. tour of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Houssein is now a full-fledged musician. He garnered more than 250 million views on Vine followed by 100 million interactions on, and gained a huge online following thanks to both. Now, as the U.K. No. 1 solo male artist, he is preparing to perform at Slimefest and release more music in the near future. We dig his electro-pop sound and asked him all about it and more.


If you’ve yet to hear of 19-year-old London based singer Houssein, then it’s time you sit up and pay attention. Growing up with music in his blood, Houssein started his career at the tender age of nine when he starred in the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang UK tour, followed up by a two year deal in The Sound of Music touring show. Stepping away from musical theatre, Houssein started to make a name for himself on social media, racking up huge online success on Vine, the app which launched the careers of the likes of Shawn Mendes, Lele Pons, Cameron Dallas and more. Houssein also enjoyed success on, becoming the UK’s number one solo male artist on the app.


Houssein has released the music video for his new single ‘Tokyo’. In the video, the 19-year-old singer takes us behind the scenes into the life of a recording artist and throws in some funky nostalgia visuals too. Previously, Houssein found success on social media, earning over 250 million views on Vine. Earlier this year he launched his music career with his first single '5 Bucks', which has over 2 million views on, and it debuted in the Top 100 iTunes pop charts.


19-year-old pop newcomer Houssein is back with his third debut single ‘Summer Night’. Hailing from the likes of where he was the UK’s No1 solo male artist and West End musical theatre tours from the age of 11. We caught up with him to discover the true meanings behind his latest musical creations, inspirations and what his fans should be expecting from him next…


Having originally gained attraction by posting videos on to a considerable fanbase of over 1.5 million followers, newcomer Houssein is on a mission to prove himself as an emerging talent as opposed to simply an influencer. We caught up with pop’s newest Prince to discuss his new single and a possible collaboration with Shaggy!


I think it’s about time we turned our emerging artist spotlight onto pop newcomer Houssein. The teenager singer-songwriter is really starting to pull in a lot of buzz with his original compositions, after establishing a sizeable following with cover songs online. Following in the steps of Shawn Mendes, Houssein first started to make his presence felt on the social media platform Vine, but following its demise, he then jumped onto video social network app where he has since amassed millions of interactions. Even before he begins to sing, he has the cute pop heartthrob looks to make legions of young ladies go cray, cray over him.


Having already amassed a huge following on, youngster Houssein is now dead-set in making his mark on the charts, and with his latest single, he could well be in with a chance. Releasing ‘Summer Night’ in the early hours, the track follows the Londoner’s recent debut ‘5 Bucks’ and further showcases his vocal abilities, particularly toward the Troye Sivan alt/eletro-pop end of the spectrum.


YOUNG pop artist Houssein released his latest single Summer Night, via streaming sites Spotify, and Apple music, on July 27. The London-based artist has broken away from his routes at video posting app, where he garnered 1.5 million followers and the title of number 1 solo male artist, with his latest song. About the inspiration behind the song, the 19-year-old artist explained: “Summer Night tells the story of a couple whose relationship never really comes into fruition, so eventually they just don’t see each other anymore. But looking back, I wish to find that girl and re-experience the time we had together”.


Houssein South, 18, started out as a Vine star, garnering a huge following and winning praise for his six second comedy videos. His focus has since shifted to music, amassing millions of likes on and performing on behalf of the music sharing platform at several social media events, including Vidcon EU, VidCon and Playlist Live, as well as posting covers of popular tracks on YouTube. The singer/songwriter, known as ‘Cheeky Houssein’ on his many social media accounts, is expected to take the music industry by storm this year, with plans to release new, original material in 2018.


If you haven't heard of new popstar-type Houssein yet, where the hell have you been? The chap's the UK's biggest male artist on (y'know, that app where you lip-sync to songs?) and he's finally announced the release of his brand-spankin-new single 5 Bucks. Hooray and hoorah. Since he's managed to bag himself over 1.3 million followers, 18-year-old Houssein thought it was about time we got our ears around some original stuff; and tbh we're counting down the seconds until its release on Friday 16th February. Announcing the news on Instagram, Houssein said: "i’m so excited to announce my single ‘5 Bucks’ is coming out on the 16th February!


The 18-year-old- who is the UK’s biggest male artist on - an app where you lip-sync to songs - has driven his army of fans into a frenzy with the catchy track. Now the 5 Bucks official video is finally here following the release of the single, which came out on February 16. Giving off an early Justin Bieber vibe, complete with his trademark hairdo, it's clear to see why Houssein has won a legion of followers. The fresh-faced Londoner turns on the charm in the video as he enjoys a flirty afternoon with the girl of his dreams. Set on Brighton pier, the couple hold hands as they enjoy long coastal walks in the rain, and cosy cups of tea as they snuggle on a settee indoors.